Let’s Go. Pokémon Go.

When I first picked up Pokémon Go, I thought my brother would have caught on to the craze much earlier than I did. I can recall when we were growing up in the 90’s, my brother was a game boy, he would go through Nintendo games like Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Not counting games on other console like Final Fantasy series on PlayStation.

I am now a level 21 Pokémon Go hunter, and I’m still hooked. As I was catching Pokémons while catching the train with him last week, he watched me playing intensely and asked ..

Isn’t it all about catching as many Pokémons as you can?

I looked at him and said ‘Essentially …’ However, I couldn’t explain why it’s much more than that and what kept me playing. And then I bumped into this article a few days ago.

The article breaks down the Pokémon Go game play and decipher the reason it has a rich game design.

The writer also explains why the game is deeper than you think. As many people feel it is very shallow as a game. Just like my brother, who feels it’s just a mindless throw-a-ball-and-hit-a-Pokémon game.

Like any game app, there’s always some UX issues. So the writer made a few suggestions to improve them. They are all good ideas! However, there’s one UX issue she didn’t bring up. It’s the way you have to tap on each Pokémon to transfer to Professor for candies. This is time-consuming when you have a lot to transfer. So this is my suggestion:

A way to tap on each Pokémon to select and then tap once to transfer all selected Pokémon. What do you think?


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