Conversational UI

This article is an interview on a UX Designer, Adrian Zumbrennun. His name sounds a bit like Adriano Zumbo. The famous pastry chef from Balmain, Sydney. He’s the one who first introduced the Cronuts to Sydney after he heard about the fuss they caused in New York City.

Just like Adriano Zumbo, Adrian heard about this new concept, Conversational UI. He wanted to know what the fuss is about. So he decided to experiment and build it. As a result, he gave us a first taste of what a Conversational Website would look or feel like.

I understand the intention of Conversational UI is to inject personality into a website and give your audience an opportunity to find out more about yourself using conversation. I still think it’s in early stage. The conversation could only go to an extent and it’s limited to the writer’s imagination. Audience can still leave in middle of conversation if they get bored.

Although his website went viral especially within the web community, he is still not sure how useful it will be. However, he learnt a valuable lesson towards the end of his journey. He realised that to be a good web designer these days is not about pushing pixels anymore. It’s about being really good at writing content. As we are all familiar with the famous term which was first coined in a book published all the way back in 1974 and then made popular in 1990s for the Internet.

Content is King.

You can read the full article here.

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