Think Experience at a Restaurant. Not features.

Taking your customer to a restaurant without finding out what kind of food they like and just take them to a restaurant you are familiar with. From your customer point of view, this is arrogant. This same philosophy can be applied to building a feature in a software.

It also touched on how BT outsourced their call centres to India and caused an outcry. Now they have to reverse their decision. Imagine the cost! Customers care about being listened too and often the front line staff are the customers only opportunity to communicate with a company.

However, the software company I’m working at has always had a call centre based in Sydney. And this is one thing that we are doing right.

The rest of the article went on to talk about implementing the process to deliver customer experience. It’s basically about Customer Understanding, Measurement, Governance, Strategy, Design and Culture. I don’t find the process ground breaking. However, I like how they describe their philosophy by comparing to asking your friend what kind of food they want to eat before booking a restaurant.

So think experience at a restaurant. Not features!

You can read the full article here.

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